Monday, November 3, 2008

Hisense Television Game

On a Hisense television, press menu until you see 'Option'

Scroll down to 'Game' and press 'Recall' to Play

1 Gift
Single Eight

2 Gifts
Any Pair (besides 8)

3 Gifts
Pair of Eights

4 Gifts

5 Gifts
Any Triplet

Friday, March 23, 2007

Think about these numbers.

I'm doing a little experiment.

Look at these numbers, see if they have any connection to you.

I guarantee at least a few numbers will spark a memory or person.

Then think about it.

seven - twenty-seven - four - twenty-three - eleven - twenty

four - twenty-three - ten - thirteen - seven - seventeen

nine - twenty - ten - thirteen - seven - seventeen

twelve - zero-four - one - zero-six - three - twenty-three

maybe some numbers will come to you

look for yourself

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I gave a bum a diary.

Yesterday, while carrying a search for Chia Pets to CVS, I ran into a bum outside. He asked if I had any change while I glanced at his leg, or lack there of.

In my posession was two dollars and twenty-two cents. I gave him one twenty-two.

I wasn't pestered as I left CVS.

Earlier this morning, I went to Wal-Mart to buy a printer and some ink, and as I was entering, I again heard a request for change, from the same bum. I responded, "I gave you change yesterday, one twenty-two. I'm all out."

After selecting my printer and ink, while still in the store, I remembered the bum. I thought how I might be able to improve his life. I began walking around the store searching for an isle that struck me. The stationary isle was my calling.

I walked down the stationary isle with the intent of giving the bum something to log his days in, something to give his actions a purpose. Whether he has only moved towards another location, or decided to search for a job, it will all be logged in this journal that I gave him.

I looked for a moment and picked the best one. Oddly enough, I only saw the edge of it, as it was on the top shelf. After standing on my tippy-toes to get it down, I opened it. Several pages for phone numbers and addresses, then one page for every day of the year 2007. That's 365 pages, 366 if it's a leap year (I don't keep track).

I bought it, and handed it to him with a blue double-sided sharpie that I had in my pocket. I then spoke, "Here you go, have fun with it." Like an excited kid accepting a gift, he said "Alright! Yeah..." and began to look through it.

Struck with what I had done, I left quickly. Walked hasely to my car and drove off, giving him only a glance.

On the page titled July 17, I wrote "E. L. Pheterson's Birthday."

I've left a rather large footprint on the internet; if he looked, he could find me.

I got a scanner.

And so I scan the creations of today.

Ben created several stickers which beg to filled in. He left an open invitation to add anything to the piece.

Usually I stay out of Ben's art myself, but I came up with an idea. I gave the viewer a reason to write on the sticker. Not just an invitation, but a reason.

Here's what I came up with:

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

iPhoto has power, Doesn't let it out.

Last night I was playing around in iPhoto and realized that I could turn this:
into this,

iPhoto has some power. But maybe it's not sharing it all with me.


iPhoto will not let me export images exactly how they look in iPhoto.

I noticed on this pair of pictures that I liked the one on the left, but didn't like the one ont he right.
The reason: it looks better in iPhoto. The colors appear more vivid when iPhoto displays the picture, as opposed to any other application. Even in Apple's preview application, the picture appears dull.

Notice the difference:

To emphasize:

I don't understand why I can't export images from iPhoto the way that they look in iPhoto.

Any ideas?